“We need to connect!”

‘We need to connect!’

LinkedIn is a fast-growing social platform for professionals that allows you to grow your network and gain opportunities to enrich your career; whether you are a student, board executive, or a businessman running a small shop.

Contrary to other social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to change your profile into your resume; find and apply to jobs; find and connect to professionals in the same field; participate in relevant groups; and publish blogs about your interests. If you are a newbie to LinkedIn and want to profit from this network. Here are some tips!

Tips, Tips, Tips!

  1. 1. Have a profile picture
    Create a headline – Many recruiters use google searches to find LinkedIn profiles. Google search results will include your headline and location are the first, hence having a headline is important!
    Write a short but direct description/summary about yourself – Who are you?
  2. 2. List all your experiences, e.g. waitress in a restaurant, active member of JFV Ouranos, volunteering in local community – Include them all!
  3. 3. Customize your public profile URL – This to enhance your personal brand
  4. 4. Turn off ‘Share profile changes’ to prevent spamming your connections
  5. 5. To preserve the quality of your connections, deter from adding people that you do not know in person – Quantity does not mean quality;
  6. 6. Give & Receive – E.g. Share or write an article that is interesting to you and your connections. Try to inspire your peers. Invite them for activities. Message your connections regularly. Congratulate them on new achievements.
  7. 7. Google search results will be based on your LinkedIn description/summary – List all the things that you want to ‘be found for’ in your description, this will help you to appear in search results.
  8. 8. Finally, check and update your LinkedIn regularly! This will make your profile more reliable for recruiters or your connections that have interest in you.

LinkedIn is a great tool to grow your network. Hopefully these tips will help you to achieve this growth.

Written by Mashid Mojabi


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