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With both Dutch and English articles, this year’s magazine brings you articles to inform you on the different aspects of legal careers

  • From the Committee
  • This year, we wanted to make Ouranostra all about careers.
  • Together, we worked to bring you articles that reflect both our committee and the student body.
  • We have chosen to be bold, progressive, and international. We hope you enjoy this year’s edition!

Left to right: Bas van der Avoird – Caro Agnese Breikers – Charles Bry Patterson – Dilara Sancar – Loes Visser (Secretary) – Mashid Mojabi (Chair)

Mashid Mojabi, 19, Second year ELS student

I am Mashid Mojabi. I joined the Magazine Committee, as I have a driven passion for law and politics and I wish to contribute to my University in a unique way. I feel like the Magazine Committee of JFV Ouranos is the perfect platform to learn and develop your skills in writing and communication in general. So far I have had interviews with professors and students and I enjoy every new experience. This committee also allows me to write about things that I find important to share with my peers. Lastly, the Magazine Committee allows me to meet great people and create new friendships.

Loes Visser, 19, Second year Dutch Law student

Hi, I’m Loes. I am a second years Dutch law student, and in particular interested in private and criminal law. I joined the magazine committee at the beginning of this academic year. I joined the committee because I wanted to look further than just law school. I wanted more activities and more responsibilities. The magazine committee was for me the perfect solution. The experience with the committee so far has been great. With a piece, you are the one who decides what kind of direction you want to go, and write a piece you feel comfortable about. In this committee, deadlines are very important. Therefore you really learn how to cope with cooperating under stress and pressure.

Dilara Sancar, 19, Second year ELS student

Hi, I’m Dilara. I am fond of the education that I am undertaking which is in line with my career goals and an essential phase to challenge my ambition in becoming a thriving lawyer. However, studying law can be challenging from time to time and therefore I tend to find the relief in writing. I have always expressed myself through writing, writing my thoughts, feelings, ideas… I believe that university is the best time of your life. In university you will find the chance to mould your personal skills together with your studies. So that is what I try to achieve by being part of this Magazine Committee. This is my first year as active member of JFV Ouranos, and in particular the Magazine Committee. It is quite an instructive social environment where I have the chances to further explore and develop my skills. Particularly in getting accustomed to present a subject in front of professional legal counsels and hard-boiled lawyers. In this Edition, I have found the chance to add my articles. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this magazine as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Charles Bry Patterson, 27,  First year ELS student

Howdy, I’m Charles. Resident Old Guy™. I’m a Canadian & French national, currently enrolled in my first year of European Law Studies at Maastricht University. In a past life, I worked in Canadian politics and later in corporate communications for a French advertising multi-national. I applied to the Magazine Committee hoping to put my skills to good use for the association and the student body at large, keeping you informed on academic events, advice from legal professionals, and a whole lot more. My academic interests mostly revolve around constitutional law – including constitutional documents, voting systems and parliamentary procedure – as well as international and property law. Oh, and you had me at “comparative”. In my spare time I like to mainline coffee and read music-related biographies.

Caro Breikers, 22, third year Dutch law student

I am a third year Dutch law student, and I want to do a master in criminal law and forensics. This is my second year that I am an active member of JFV Ouranos and also in the Magazine Committee. As I enjoyed my first year, I decided that I wanted to be a member of the Magazine Committee again. In this committee you are engaged in writing an aricle and you have the opportunity to interview people you don’t normally get in touch with. In the Magazine Committee you learn how to write a proper paper and exercise your Dutch and English grammar.

Bas van der Avoird, 23, First year Dutch Law

Hi there, I’m Bas. I’m a Southern guy who used to life in the beautiful state of Noord-Brabant. Since September I enrolled in my first year of Dutch Law at Maastricht University. For the last couple of years I’ve studied journalism and travelled to Iceland and Kosovo to catch some amazing stories. Working for the Magazine Committee will be a nice challenge, combined with the life of a law student, it promises to be interesting. Since I am new here, I am not sure of what will catch my eye in the legal field yet. In my spare time, I like to sport, cook and enjoy the outskirts of Maastricht and Limburg. Enjoy reading!


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