Council Elections!

What can add to the community feeling within the faculty?

Every year Ouranos runs in the Faculty- and University Council Elections. The Elections, as you know, take place in May, but for the Elections to take place, we need candidates. And that is where you come in! Are you interested in a place on our Electionlist? Keep reading!

My name is Rob van der Horst, and since the beginning of this academic year I represent the students of Maastricht University with the University Council. This Council is the highest representative organ within the University and has a total of twenty representatives of both students and staff. Every representative is elected by the community of the University during the election week in May.

It’s the Council’s job to provide the Executive Board with advice concerning everything that has anything to so with the University, like the general policy and budget, but also academic policy. The Council is divided into three official committees: Research&Education, Strategy and Operations. I am part of the third committee, Operations. Within this committee we talk about the operative activities of the University, like student housing, the lecture recordings and catering.

The University Council meet every two weeks on Wednesday, wherein is alternated between the plenary- and committee meeting. Aside of these meetings, every representative is active within smaller subcommittees or task groups that pursue specific goals. This way, we try to listen to the university community, to represent it to the best of our abilities.

Do you have a question, or things you like to be reviewed within the University Council, don’t hesitate to send me a message! Also if you are thinking about running for the election list, contact me. I would like to see you at our introduction drinks at the Dikke Dragonder om March 5th!

Over the next 300 words I will elaborate on Ouranos’ work as Faculty Council faction and will convince you of the fact that you will want to be part of this organ for the next academic year.
As Faculty Council member you take part in 2 types of meetings.
Firstly, you attend the Faculty Council meetings. These take place approximately 8 times a year and last for 2 hours each. They are divided into a public and confidential part. In these meetings 6 student representatives (that’s us!), 6 employee representatives and 1 support staff representative are presented. Furthermore, the Faculty Board (consisting of i.a. the Dean) is generally present, as well as specific guests, if the discussed topic demands their attendance.
Secondly, if you were to become my successor, you would have the joy of attending the so-called Student Council meetings. These meetings take place about 10 times a year. As the name of the Council suggests, is this the primary representative body just for students. Hence, this is where the students from the Faculty Council, the student-member of the various Program Committees and a Library Committee member discuss the relevant topics.
Over the past months we have discussed the Faculty’s new mentoring program, the new bachelor’s Honours Program and the Faculty’s budget, just to name a few.
I can honestly say it has been an extremely rewarding experience, especially since it has given me a lot of insight into public policy in the educational setting. The fact that this is the setting that you are personally so invested in, since you are a student here, makes the policy-making all the more interesting.
I am very much looking forward to providing you with more information during the information drinks the 5th of March, and answering all of the queries you may have.

Interested? Join us for some drinks on March 5th at The Dikke Dragonder, where you can meet other possible candidates and the current councilmembers.

Already know you want to apply for a spot on the Electionlist? Send an email with:

– Your CV
– For what position you are applying (Faculty Council or University Council)
– Your motivation with why you want to become a councilmember, and what you would like to change about the faculty or university

Send your email to [email protected] before March 10th! 

How do you experience the community feeling within the faculty?

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